Moonstone Beach Driftwood Carvings

Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California is Mary's favorite picking ground for those special pieces of driftwood used to create her spectacular driftwood carvings.  Mary actually collects driftwood from beaches in Oregon and Washington.  She lived in Cambria for 13 years but has relocated to the beautiful state of Oregon.

moonstone beach, carved art

This wonderfully beautiful stretch of beach on the Central Coast of California is a great place to enjoy walking, surfing, or just relax and watch the sunset.

Mary  loves to take driftwood found on the beaches around her home and carve driftwood Santas, Snowmen,Santa Ornaments, Crosses, Signs, Sea Birds and other fantastic pieces.  No doubt, you will love to add one of Mary Elton Wilkerson's pieces to your collection.  Her pieces make wonderful gifts for any occasion.

The Joy of Walking the Beach!

Mary enjoys her walks on the beach as much as she does carving her pieces from the moonstone beach driftwood.  When walking the beach she also finds moonstones, sea glass and many other sea items she uses to decorate her pieces.  She tells me her heart is free and in touch with God when searching the beach for her treasures. 

Mary has been carving for years but enjoys the complete process.  The gathering of materials is only the beginning of her enjoyment.  She tells me the driftwood speaks to her.  She sees the piece in her mind before she brings it home.  It is really cool to watch the process.  She gets so excited over one piece of wood.  Her face lights up every time she walks Moonstone Beach and finds that special piece of wood.

Driftwood Santas, Ornaments, Snowmen, Sea Birds, and More!

Moonstone Beach Driftwood Carving are only the tip of the ice berg for Mary.  She also carves a lot of pieces from Minnesota Bass wood.  The little fellow below to the right is a hand carved Santa holding a Christmas tree.  He is carved from Minnesota Bass wood.  

hand carved santa Hand Carved Santa

The remarkable thing about Mary's carvings is the time she spends perfecting each piece.  She works hours and hours getting each aspect of the piece just right for her customers. 

Carving Driftwood is one of her favorite types of wood because process involves long, peaceful walks on Moonstone Beach.  She also combs beaches in other areas long the Central Coast of California but she enjoys Moonstone because it is close to her home in Cambria.

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