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The 2020 season is here and we are facing many challenges. The Coronavirus has changed the way all of us do business.  Social Distancing is going to be around for a while and we adjusting.ed  We have already had a few shows cancel.  If you have any questions about shows or sales give us a call.  805-975-7420

Mary has decided to move some of her fatastic products to on line stores.  She's adding special products in these stores so you can shop online to purchase her creative carved art.

Etsy Store

Ebay Store

Last year was fantastic and this year, despite the challenges, will be even better.  If you have seen Mary at shows and have a specific item you are looking for you can order it directly by giving her a call.

You can browse the items she has made on her Etsy Store or call her directly for special orders.

Mary has started this season with a collection of NEW HAND MADE ITEMS YOU ARE SURE TO LOVE. CARVED SEA BIRDS  and Other Carved Birds, Owls, Ducks & Much More.

   hand carved birds and ducks
These Unique Birds are Just a Sampling. Click Images for More.

Hand Craved Driftwood Signs - Unbelievable Custom Creations

driftwood sign

Mary's creative ability transforms a piece of driftwood into a unique and spectacular work of art.  She takes custom orders on her creative driftwood signs.  Give her a call at 805-975-7420 or go to our contact  and send her a message or email  to her directly by clicking here.  For more samples of her driftwood creations click here.

Original Hand Carved Art by Mary Elton Wilkerson

Creative Carved Art offers a wide variety of hand carved art from the experienced hands of Mary Elton Wilkerson. Every piece is an original work of art designed with you and collectors in mind.  If you are looking for unique carvings and handmade art you are in the right place.

mary elton wilkerson, carved art

Mary Elton Wilkerson has been involved in wood carving for over 30 years.  Mary was born in Moorehead, Minnesota and has a Bachelors degree in art from Cal-State Fullerton. She loves to take a piece of wood and carve it into a collectors item.

Mary has collectors all over the United States for her hand carved Santas, Snowmen, Sea Birds and other wonderful creative carved art. 

She loves to take driftwood found on the beaches around her home and carve driftwood Santas, Snowmen, Santa Ornaments, Birds, Signs and other fantastic creative carved art.  Mary also carves unique items from Minnesota Base Wood.  Sometimes she mixes the Bass wood with Driftwood to create unique carvings. No doubt, you will love to add one of Mary Elton Wilkerson's pieces to your collection.  Her pieces make wonderful gifts for any occasion.

Carved Santas


The gift of a "One of a Kind" hand carved Santa Claus is a great gift for any occasion. Mary's art is totally unique an makes a great Christmas Decoration. 

Mary uses Sugar Pine, Bass wood and Drift wood to hand carve her Santas and other pieces.  She uses only hand tools in the process of creating her art.   She has traveled the United States selling her creative carved art in hundreds of Arts and Crafts Shows.

If you would like to view any of the pieces on this page in a larger version just click on the image. You will also be able to view pricing and ordering information.


International shipping available upon request only.  Contact us for more information.

Regardless of what you choose to purchase from the galleries of Mary Elton Wilkerson we guarantee you will love her unique and creative style of carved art.  Each piece is hand signed and dated by Mary Elton Wilkerson.

Driftwood Santas, Ornaments, Snowmen, and More!

Mary sees driftwood differently than most people.  She says the wood talks to her telling her if it is a Bird, Snowman, Santa or some other unique pieces. 

Her designs have become collectors items throughout the United States.  She has been producing creative carved art for over 30 years and she puts love and attention into each piece she designs.


  Custom Made Driftwood Signs
custom driftwood signs
Are you looking for that special sign to hang on your door, gate or wall? If so  you are in the right place.  Mary can find that unique piece of driftwood and put whatever you want on the sign.  The sign above was ordered as a birthday present for an individual to place over an out door bar.  For more information on CUSTOM MADE DRIFTWOOD SIGNS CONTACT US TODAY.

Customer Service Information 

Creative Carved Art wants to make sure you are informed about all aspects of your transaction. We have provided a page dedicated to providing you information about Customer Service.

Mary is selling select items on Ebay and any of the other items you see on this site can be ordered by contacting Mary by email or phone.  To see what Mary is selling on Ebay click here.

 If you have any questions about any pieces or special orders please contact us.

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    Creative Carved Art is OPEN!  We have new products ready to sell for the 2020 Season.  Mary is carving her fingers off trying to put more products on each day! 




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