Driftwood Art - The Drifters

Carved Driftwood Creatures by Mary Elton Wilkerson


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                                                            This piece of driftwood art stands 20" x 3 1/2" and this piece is selling for $46.00

driftwood art
This unique piece stands 17" x 4" and sells for $39.00
drifters driftwood
This piece stands 16" x 6" and sells for $44.00
driftwood art

This piece of driftwood art stands 20" x 3" and sells for $39.00

Driftwood Art - The Drifters or Natural Santas Created  by Mary Elton Wilkerson

I have always love driftwood art and coastal art involving the ocean or beach.  Walking on the beaches is one of my favorite past times.  For years I have collected sea glass, shells and other wonderful things off the beach.  I am not sure how I got started carving driftwood but I love creating Santas and other images from pieces of wood I find on the beach.  Actually I just loved carved art and handmade crafts.

When I pick up a piece of driftwood it speaks to me.  Of course I don’t mean literally but the driftwood does have a creative voice.  When I look at the driftwood I can see a face in the wood.  Sounds a little strange to see faces in wood but it is my reality.  

The DRIFTERS or as some call them Natural Santas are special little creatures designed for your enjoyment and imagination.  I know you will enjoy having one of these guys as a conversation piece and decoration.
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My husband has a wild imagination.  He explained that long ago a Spanish treasure ship left port and sailed around the horn of Africa headed for the port of San Fransisco.  The journey went well until ship encounter rough weather off the central coast of California.  The ship sank and all of Spanish sailors were lost in the cold waters of the Central Atlantic. 

It is said the souls of those dead sailors drifted through the paths of sea looking for a way to reach land.  Eventually the dead sailors discover they could embed their spirits into driftwood in hopes the wood would reach land. 

Mary tells me she can see faces in the driftwood she gathers.  Could those faces she sees be the lost souls off that Spanish ship?  I don't know but I do believe the driftwood art, the Drifters, Mary Elton Wilkerson carves are incrediably unique and have a way of reaching into your own soul.  If you are looking for a great piece of coastal art you have certainly
Come to the right website.

I told you my husband had a large imagination.  Truthfully, I don't think sailors souls are in the wood but I do love the idea of making driftwood
out of the wood I find on the beach.

driftwood art, creative art

If you don't find that special drifter to fall in love with just send us a note with your ideas and Mary
can design one especially for you. 
Mary will be more than glad to help you with special orders Just contact us and we will work out the details for special orders.

Each piece of driftwood art in this gallery has a special page dedicated to its description and price.  All you have to do is select the Drifter you would like to view in a larger image and click.  These special pages also have information about the piece, prices, and ordering information.  Take your time viewing Mary's hand carved coastal art and if you have any questions please contact us today.

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