About Mary Elton Wilkerson

When I was ask to write a few things about myself I wasn't sure what I could say that people would be interested in reading.  However... after thinking about the life I have been blessed to live I realized just how blessed I have been with an interesting and adventurous life.

I grew up in the Huntington Beach area of Southern California.  When most of the world was singing about California surfing, beach parties and little old ladies from Pasadena I was living the life most people dreamed about.

mary elton wilkerson, creative carved art

I remember being interest in creating art at an early age.  I just loved the challenge of making something come to life in a drawing or painting. Actually it didn't really matter what type of art I did I just wanted to be an artist.

I entered my first art show at the age of twelve years old. I loved the atmosphere and excitement of being around art and artist.  I knew the plan for my life had to include creating something unique and original.  Art was my life and I set my course to accomplish that goal of becoming a professional artist.

I attended Cal-State Fullerton and earned a Bachelors Degree in Art.  While attending Cal-State I started carving.  I found my passion.  I could take a piece of Sugar Pine or Bass wood and see the image in the wood.

I had so much fun creating things from wood.  I was a little different in my approach to carving.  I didn't want to use all the power tools to create.  I wanted to use my hands, knifes, and gouges.  I wanted to do it the old fashion way and that is exactly what I did.   I loved doing Santa images, Snowmen and Christmas things.  After a few years I started to specialize in doing Santas and other Christmas pieces.

I have traveled the United States attending Arts and Crafts shows selling my work.  I am proud to say I have collectors of my Santas all over the United States.   All of my designs are original hand carved pieces with collectors in my mind.

I have had the most interesting and wonderful life anyone could ask for.  For about 13 years I live on the Central Coast of California in the little artist village of Cambria, California were I started driftwood. Today my husband and I live in Springfield, Oregon and I am still carving creative art.  I create a lot of my pieces out of driftwood I find on Pacific coast beaches.  I have a wonderful family and I am still living my dream of creating unique and original art.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the galleries on my site and I do hope you find a piece of my art to fall in love with.  May God bless you.

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